Why Babylonia for Your Child

At Babylonia, we provide a preschool environment where learning occurs through play. We focus on positive play, healthy active living, kindergarten readiness and socialization. Here are few unique reasons why you should choose Babylonia for your child.

Clean & Safe Environment

We understand that development and education are important for your children; however nothing matters beyond the safety of your children. So, for us safety is a top priority. Our staff and teachers take great care to ensure safety at Babylonia by creating a healthy and safe environment that allows children to learn without restrictions - creating a world of infinite opportunities for themselves. We provide a child friendly and safe environment to accept the child the way she/he is. In a nutshell, they will feel it’s the home away from home, a place for them to know their little world.

Caring, Loving & Enthusiastic Teachers

Babylonia is like the second home of your child and our well trained and experienced teachers are the care takers. Not only our teachers knowledgeable and educated but also are loving, caring and more eager to take care of even the smallest need of your child. All these qualities in a teacher definitely attract the children and it becomes easy for both the child and teacher to bond with each other.

Secured & Abundant Outdoor Space

Kids love to play and enjoy. Above and beyond this, activities and games facilitate in the overall physical and mental development of the children. At Babylonia, we have a big, well spacious 6000 Plus Square foot of the campus area where the children can have loads of fun by indulging in various games and activities. Our outdoor space has high-quality, age-appropriate playground equipment that is kid tested and safe. All our outside play areas have locked gates with secure fences.

Home Cooked Food

At Babylonia, we provide home cooked food that is prepared with the advice of a trusted pediatrician and an experienced nutritionist to ensure the child is eating a balanced and fresh meal each day. With varied menu, all home cooked food is prepared with loads of love and following strict standards of hygiene.

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