Babylonia: The Wonderland for Children

Exceeding The Expectations to Take Care of Your Most Loved Ones ...

At Babylonia, we understand the importance and expectations in between parents of choosing the right childcare for their most precious ones. That’s why, we never negotiate with our service standards and run our organization with each and every detailed service standards that parents are going to expect from us to serve their little angels after they leave them on the safest hands of our facility. Run by a full team of well-trained and qualified practitioners who have multiyear experience in maintaining every aspect related to childcare, Babylonia offers multiple childcare programs including three of the most crucial learning stage programs i.e. Crèche, Pre-school & Nursery for children. Each of these programs is stuffed with high standard care, learning activities, early age development care, health checkups, child behavior management, early year curriculum lead and so many other fun-filled but learning standard activities that children really will enjoy while expanding their both physical and mental capabilities as well as extracurricular abilities to an excellent level.

Crèche Care (6 Months – Above)

Full day Crèche care services – Perfect for parents with irregular working schedules.

Pre-School (1.8 Years – 2.8 Years)

An extended home for children with most amusing activities to amplify their overall growth.

Nursery (2.8 Years – 3.8 Years)

Expert childcare professionals to build most caring environment for your cute, little angels.

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