Pre-School Program

Optimum Early Learning Standards for Sharpen Childhood

Your Child Deserves The Best & That’s What We Are Offering..

At Babylonia, we have the caliber to enable and support your child’s life in the best possible way, while enhancing their inner potential for quick developments in the early years of their life. As a child’s experiences between birth to age of six have a crucial impact on their future life chances, we make sure to develop these experiences with high quality learning standards and so many other quality parenting foundations. Babylonia will make sure to provide every child the best deserving start in life to amplify their premature age talents and abilities for brightest future grow-up. We serve with purest hearts added with highest standards of childcare environment and comprehensive security system, ensuring a world-class childcare facility for your child and guarantees for the brightest future for them. Conveniently located right in the heart of the city, our facility is well-added with every needed accommodations and wonderful decorative, so that children can sharpen their creativity, while engrossing knowledge from our well-trained and certified teachers. The aim of Babylonia is to help your children achieve best outcomes of life, while staying safe, healthy and enjoying a fulfilled, secured environment.

Babylonia: The FUN Starts Here

We make interacting fun and teach kids to grow with self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them in every needed aspect of life. We can provide children the most appropriate and deserving life start by building a marvelous relationship with them and teaching them the essentials of lifemanship in an entertaining way.

Here is how we will achieve this:

  • Setting top quality standards for development and learning of children.
  • Creating special frameworks of activities and study patterns by working with parents and specialists.
  • Constant improve of standards to the on-going trends.
  • Providing equal opportunity ensuring that every child includes.
  • Best ever Techer – Child ratio.
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