Nursery Program

Quality Education to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Child

Babylonia’s aim is to create the most parent-admirable nursery school in the heart of the state, where the education we offer is exceptionally balanced between learning and play. We offer a warm and nurturing environment – excellent for children’s overall growth with the best possible caretaking. Our teachers will ensure to educate children every needed prologue chapter of their life to set and secure the most crucial stage of their learning journey. From the day a new child joins at Babylonia, our nursery facility is fully geared up to provide the right array of study patterns and activities to help them move towards achieving their early learning goals. Starting from morning greetings to lining up with daily day manners, fun-filled learning patterns and different interactive sections; our proficient nursery staffs will make sure to teach and overview every key required section crucial for a child’s improvement which ultimately improves their inner abilities and mental functionalities. In our nursery, children will be engaged with different school readiness activities in a superbly entertaining but purposeful manner. We encourage their learning through our specially designed collaborative activities in the areas of mathematics, arts and science. We have a very gentle settings with our policies, where there will be absolute zero pressure put on the children. As Babylonia completely focuses on the happiness of children, we give enough space to your child to feel settled in our new environment.

Key Curriculum Activities of Our Nursery Program

  • Enhancement of Communication Skills.
  • Skill Development through Activities.
  • Art & Drama Concepts & Rehearsals.
  • Music & Instrument Classes.
  • Story & Creative Play Time.
  • Talent Detection & Development
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