Babylonia: The Wonderland for Children

Run by a full team of well-trained and qualified practitioners who have multiyear experience in maintaining every aspect related to childcare, Babylonia offers multiple childcare programs including three of the most crucial learning stage programs i.e. Crèche, Pre-school & Nursery for children. Each of these programs is stuffed with high standard care, learning activities, early age development care, health checkups, child behavior management, early year curriculum lead and so many other fun-filled but learning standard activities that children really will enjoy while expanding their both physical and mental capabilities as well as extracurricular abilities to an excellent level.

What are the special features of Babylonia?
At Babylonia, we aim to develop the whole child, predominantly focusing on children’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical development. We develop a technically advanced infrastructure which facilitates the working parents to monitor and get updates about their children’s activities all the time they are in our playschool. Our Dedicated Mobile Application (For All Platforms) is specifically designed to help parents know what their little ones are doing all the time. We also have qualified Nursery Trained Teachers (N.T.T), Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) caretakers and well trained support staff who can take care of even the smallest need of your child. Besides all these we also provide home cooked food which is prepared under the supervision of a pediatrician and an experienced nutritionist to ensure the child is eating a balanced and fresh meal each day.
What facilities do you offer?
What are the programs offered by you?
At Babylonia, we provide several childcare programs depending upon the child’s age group which include,
  1. Crèche Care
  2. Pre-School
  3. Nursery
What are the ages of admission into different programs?
  • For Crèche Care the age limit is 6 Months and above
  • For Pre-School the age limit is 1.8 Years to 2.8 Years
  • For Nursery the age limit is 2.8 Years to 3.8 Years
What is the admission procedure?
The admission process is very simple at Babylonia. The parents may visit our campus and meet the counsellors to fill up an admission form. Even they may take a round of our preschool and realize how the kids are nurtured exquisitely with utmost care and love. Parents can also apply online for any of the programs and we will get in touch with them.
Are admissions open throughout the year?
Yes, admissions are open throughout the year, but purely on the basis of availability of seats. Therefore we suggest you to book the seats well in advance.
Where can I find information on the fee structure?
Please visit our campus or call us on the phone number given on our website to know about the fee structure.
Are the Teachers and Staff trained?
At Babylonia, we have Qualified Nursery Trained Teachers (N.T.T), Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANM) caretakers, well trained & experienced support staff those will take care of your child’s needs as your extended family members.
What is your method of teaching?
We generally follow play-way methodology at our preschool to make teaching more interesting and lively. By utilizing play-way method we teach the children social studies, mathematics, languages etc. through a series of activities like, gardening, games, construction activities, free play, songs etc. The education is not just restricted to intellectual development, but also for the complete development of the child. A few techniques and methods included in this process are Puppetry, Field trips, Theme based learning, Projects, Role plays etc.
What are the timings?
The school opens from Monday to Friday from 9.15 A.M to 12.15 P.M. Timing - However, our Crèche is open for 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year to provide you the service when you need it.
Do you provide meals?
Yes, we provide home cooked food (In Crèche only) which is prepared under the supervision of a pediatrician and an experienced nutritionist to ensure the child is eating a balanced and fresh meal each day.
Do you provide transport facilities?
Currently, we don’t provide any transport facility.
How do you handle if children are sick or need medication?
Usually, we suggest parents not to send their sick kids to the school. Just in case any child gets sick during school hours then we have sick rooms where we keep sick children. We also have doctors on call and ANMs who take care of the sick children. Moreover, in cases of injury or accident, parents will be promptly contacted using the phone numbers listed on the child’s registration form. For that reason, it is very important that parents inform us of any changes to emergency contacts listed on the registration form during the time of admission.
Is there a uniform or dress code for children and is it compulsory?
No, there is no uniform or dress code for children. However, we request you to dress up your child in clean, comfortable clothing. You can also pack a spare cloth in your child’s bag for emergency. Please don’t let your child wear any gold jewelry or any other precious accessories. The school will not be responsible for any losses.
What kinds of activities are organized in your school?
We organize a wide variety of activities to make the children physically strong and mentally alert. Our activities include structured intellectual and language activities, nature walk, water play, sand play, storytelling, puppet show, skating, excursions and picnics, educational trips, role plays, dramatization and many more.
How will you ensure the safety and security of my child during activities like skating, excursions and picnics?
At Babylonia, safety of your children is our first priority. We have experienced and trained instructors, who in the presence of teachers, take care of the security and safety of each and every kid during various activities.
Do you have a day boarding? If yes what are its facilities, timings and charges?
Yes, we have day boarding facilities. With all ages and abilities in mind, our day care is equipped with wide range of equipment and activities. At Babylonia, children develop in their own ways and at their own rates. The timings for day boarding are between 9:15 am to 5 pm and charges are depending upon the number of hours. Though, we request parents to visit our campus to know about the specific details.
How do you prepare children for the formal school?
At Babylonia, we prepare every child for the formal school by introducing them to academics. We teach them alphabets, vocabulary, phonetics, numbers, color concepts etc. which they require to know before they join any formal school. Besides these, we also help them building interpersonal skills and help them enhance their emotional security, confidence which the children may require in their latter phase of life.
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