Babylonia: Current Events & Activities

At Babylonia, we arrange different types of important events and activities for young children to give them infinite ways to learn and develop. All types of play and activities are crucial for children’s early learning and development. Play and activities facilitates children to develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills, concentration and co-ordination. Also how to work collaboratively and cooperatively, use all their senses to explore and discover their environment, and improve their mind, creative thinking

Fine Motor Co-ordination

Fine motor skill is the capability to control minor detailed movements with the hands, wrists and fingers. For day to day activities in life, these skills are very essential. Also, in the school activities they play a very crucial role. A kid’s handwriting skills rely on his/her fine motor skills. In our motor skills room, children are introduced to some of the equipment. Here, children are welcome to practice day to day skills that work on fine-motor skills, hand - eye coordination. Fine motor skills development at Babylonia has a wider role than just writing – they are a need for daily living: eating dressing, etc.

Music Class (Instrumental & Vocal)

It is perceived that movement and music helps the child to have extended attention periods, which facilitates to develop the listening capabilities and the development of vocabulary and language skills. At Babylonia, we provide music class for children both vocal as well as instrumental to encourage the budding talents.

Digital/Smart Learning

Today, more and more children have started to want to lay hands on exciting and latest electronic mobile devices, as cell phones and tablets are now available in most houses. Consequently, we inspire them to use mobile devices however, after you have well-defined an acceptable limit of access to features that will facilitate them learn only the pertinent aspects that are also harmless for their age. We help them look at cell phone or tablet as more than a gaming and communication device. At Babylonia, children use these mobile devices as e-book reader, they use it to record their voice, use these as music players etc. There are also many useful apps and programs are available for children and they can explore those programs/apps through these devices which make learning more exciting and take it to the next level!

Art & Craft Classes

At Babylonia, we offer a wide range of different kinds of craft and art activities for various age groups and interests which are advantageous for kids as well as teachers and parents.

There are several advantages to engaging children with art. These art and craft activities encourage creativity and innovation as well as develop kids’ basic motor skills. While the older kids can refine their artistic talents, smaller kids can learn about shapes, colors and drawing.

Puppet Shows & Skits

Puppets are a fanciful way for teaching children in a non-confrontational, non-threatening way and it is entertaining as well. Through puppet shows we try to teach children what is wrong and what is right thing to do.

For instance, an instructor can be strict with a puppet that has done something wrong and tell the puppet very firmly why that was wrong to do... and a child who has just done exactly that wrong thing will get the message. Through puppet shows we also let children learn many new things in an entertaining way.

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