Babylonia - A Home Away From Home For Kids

According to psychologists, the first five years of a child are his character building years. The child should be provided with an encouraging and comfortable environment that inspires happiness, positive attitude and confidence in a child. This makes preschool involvement a very vital stage in shaping the character of a child. At Babylonia, our main objective is to enhance the child’s development in a nurturing and safe environment while having fun. Leave your children at Babylonia in the care of our experienced and trained staff, where they will participate in a combination of directed and free activities. Our entire program is premeditated to introduce an atmosphere where a simple routine is in place.

We make our best effort to pamper even the smallest needs of toddlers whose childhood are exquisite and deserve to be full of lovely memories, happy learning, love, play and joy all of which could make their childhood unique. We offer each child with space and time to explore, observe, interact with, manipulate, control and appreciate the environment through play.

Whatever your family’s requirements, we are more than happy to offer a heartening experience for your child, and we look forward to make your life a little easier, as well. Through constant, open communication with you, we want to make Babylonia feel like a home away from home for your child.

With the intention of ensuring a comprehensive learning experience, we also keep the parents in the loop. We communicate with them at regular intervals regarding any concerns, the progress of their kids, and provide recommendation on how to make their child a better learner. We let you know what is happening at the center through dedicated mobile apps and share frequent updates of your child’s activities in the campus. We encourage regular talking, listening and other activities for instance describing actions and objects, that ultimately facilitate with the children’s motor skills, their counting skills and English abilities. This sequentially lets the children to be confident of themselves when they interrelate with our teachers in a respectful, supportive, warm and enthusiastic manner. If you wish to get the best of valuable pre-education for your child then get in touch with us today!

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