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The Wonderland for Children

At Babylonia, we understand the importance and expectations in between parents of choosing the right childcare for their most precious ones. That’s why, we never negotiate with our service standards and run our organization with each and every detailed service standards that parents are going to expect from us to serve their little angels after they leave them on the safest hands of our facility. Run by a full team of well-trained and qualified practitioners who have multiyear experience in maintaining every aspect related to childcare, Babylonia offers multiple childcare programs including three of the most crucial learning stage programs i.e. Crèche, Pre-school & Nursery for children.

Crèche Care

Full day Crèche care services – Perfect for parents with irregular working schedules.

Play School

An extended home for children with most amusing activities to amplify their overall growth.


Expert childcare professionals to build most caring environment for your cute, little angels.

Why Babylonia for Your Child?

Clean & Safe Environment

We understand that development and education are important for your children; however nothing matters beyond the safety of your children.

Caring & Loving Teachers

Babylonia is like the second home of your child and our well trained and experienced teachers are the care takers. Not only our teachers knowledgeable ....

Secured & Abundant Space

At Babylonia, we have a big, spacious 6000 Plus Square foot of well secured campus area where the children can have loads of fun by indulging in various games.

Home Cooked Food

At Babylonia, we provide home cooked food that is prepared with the advice of a trusted pediatrician and an experienced nutritionist to ensure the child is eating a balanced ..

With Babylonia, Learning is fun!

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